• Industrial drives

    Complete, well enclosed AC drives having a rich set of variants and options with following constructions: wall-mounted, free standing, cabinet built, liquid cooled and modules. In most cases controlling one induction or permanent magnet motor. Normal two quadrant drives are complemented with regenerative and low harmonic models.

  • General purpose drives

    Complete AC drives to control typically one induction motor or multiple equal size motors having the same speed and load. Standard drives are easy to buy and configure. Drives are in following constructions: wall-mounted, free standing and modules.

  • Machinery drives

    AC drive modules designed to be included into machines utilizing variable speed control. Used together with induction, permanent magnet or reluctance motors.

  • Industrial multidrives

    AC drives supplying multiple motors and controlled by multiple control units. Principle is based on common DC bus enabling single power entry with diode, thyristor or IGBT Supply unit and enabling multiple inverters from the same DC bus. Drive construction is air or liquid cooled. Multidrive module computing is supported too. The construction selection is done at supply level and inherited to inverters.

  • Drives for HVAC and Water

    Complete AC drives to control typically a HVAC fan or pump motor or multiple equal size motors. Drives are in following constructions: wall-mounted and free standing.

  • Motion control drives

    Motors and drives for control of cyclic linear or angular position. Power range from 1 kW to more than 100 kW with servo and induction motors. Starting from compact servo drives to 3 phase drives with DC sharing.